PT. Kitoshindo International Biotech

Is an expanding manufacturing company of cosmetic, food and beverage. Our production process begins in our main factory located in Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. We provide products and services nationally, and aim to expand internationally.

Established in 2011, we are a young and dynamic company with a clear vision to produce high quality products to strive in the market. We are a qualified and competitive contender within the market, through production, distribution and sales. We embrace challenges and continuously making breakthrough innovations and improvements in both our services and products. We own a diverse house brands, each to accommodate different market segments. Aside from our own labels, we provide a toll manufacturing service for our customer’s private labels. This service allows other companies to develop and grow with us.


Supported by advanced technology, our microbiology laboratory facility maintains the quality of each and every products produced within the premises to the microscopic level.

Aside from the advanced technology and facilities, PT.Kitoshindo International Biotech is GMP and (ISO 9001:2015) certified, which assures customers and business partners with our efficient production and quality management system. Our company also Halal certified, which ensure all of our ingredients and processes are halal, giving guarantee to our customers that our products meet standard halal requirements.
We are able to deliver the best of our products and services to various places, right on to your doorstep. Be it in domestic or international, we are ready to deliver and export our goods worldwide according to our client’s needs and requests.
In the midst of a global crisis economy and the competitiveness of business world, PT. Kitoshindo International Biotech is still potentially growing. We keep thriving in various economical condition and tackle all different obstacles.


We achieved multiple internationally recognized certification.
Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate proves our high standard manufacturing system.
We are also granted with Halal certification that is recognized around the world.
This certification proves that we use only safe ingredients that is consumable for everyone.
Our priority is to reach out to as many consumer as possible.